Featured courses

  • Munio Access to Industry MA100

  • Use of personnel lifts KB01

  • Lading av elektriske kjøretøy K181

  • The Adventures of the Lone Worker IAM001

  • Work in confined spaces iAM002

  • Manual Handling iAM003

  • Fire Prevention During Hot Work K074

  • First aid K116

  • Working at Heights K073

  • Scaffolding user course K180

Fire and Electrical Safety

  • Lading av elektriske kjøretøy K181

  • FSE Low voltage K127

  • FSE for instructed personnel K141

  • Fire Prevention During Hot Work K074

  • First-aid for electricians K165

  • FSE High voltage K128

  • FSE High- and low voltage K129

Hazardous work

  • Hvordan håndtere asbest i et byggeprosjekt K173

  • Risk assessment and HSE regulations EBA001

  • Documented training: Handheld tools and building saws EBA002

  • Scaffolding course (up to 9 meters) EBA003

  • Stillaskurs del 2 (Stillas over 9 meter) EBA004

  • Gas Safety Course K019

  • Working at Heights K073

  • Basic Handling of Chemicals K082

  • Safe use of lifting gear K100

  • Safe Handling of Chemicals K071

  • Sikker bruk av løfteredskap (Modul 2.3-støtte) K099